Women's Enlightenment Circle Series : An Online Connection Field For All Women
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What You Will Gain From By Joining Our Circle Series:
The Women's Enlightenment Circle Series is a 6 Week Experience for women who are looking for a safe supportive community in which they can be heard, held and seen without any judgment. We will come together each week to discuss each Embodiment and how you can apply the practice/concept to your life. We then lead into the sister circle ceremony with a guidance through an ancient Rejuvenation and Purification meditation. Each week is represented below as an Embodiment. As we create a shift we will learn to Embody the change in our energy, in our bodies and thoughts as we gain clarity and learn to trust your intuition more 
Embodiment #1: 
The Ancient Calendar
Learn how your cycles, hormone levels and energy as a woman are directly related to the rhythm and cycles of the universe. The Winds of change according to the 
Toltec Mexicah traditions
Embodiment #2: 
Using the Sun's Energy
We believe we are powered by two bodies of energy. Nahual (moon - dream state) and our Tonal (sun - waking state) Learn to use what we call the 
Nectar of Life meditation 
to empower your day
Embodiment #3: 
Connecting to Tonantzin
(Divine Mother Earth) 
Learn how to use the Divinity of Tonantzin for grounding to her healing energy and  use the power of roses for creating better relationships within your life
Embodiment #4: 
Manifesting with Rain
Learn the native practice of Pray Rain Journaling for manifesting and living an abundant lifestyle. Give the Law of Attraction a boost by putting yourself into a state of gratitude for already having received that which you want
Embodiment #5: 
 Taping Into The Energy 
of The Moon 
Learn to manifest with the moon cycles, our universal rhythms and using our divine potential for cultivating your dream life
Embodiment #6: 
 Balancing Our Tonalcayos (energy centers) 
How to use the Divinity of Tonantzin and connect to her during your practices and  use the power of roses and energizing your energy centers
Deborah Sandoval
Native Holistic Life Guide
About The Speaker:
Deborah Sandoval has coached women for over 20 years and is a Native Life Guide.
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